Our Approach


Most lawyers love to talk, but problem solving begins with listening. Listening involves letting go of preconceptions, exploring assumptions, and probing details. Lawyers who do not listen will miss nuance and misunderstand their clients’ objectives. This can lead to wasted time, inflated costs, and less than desirable results.

At Wolff Mascaro, listening to our clients is a priority, allowing us to protect and serve their best interests without compromise.

Does your lawyer listen?


Trying to solve a problem one does not understand is like driving in a new city without directions. You might eventually reach your destination, but you’ll likely drive in circles for a long time. In the legal context, where the stakes are high, lawyers without roadmaps drive in circles at their clients’ expense. Driving in circles takes time, and time is money.

Does your lawyer know how to get where you need to go? Find out before the journey begins. Here is a tip. Ask detailed questions. Listen carefully to the answers. Are the answers clear and easy to understand or cloaked in confusing terminology and irrelevant tangents? Does the explanation answer your questions and address your concerns, or are you left with doubts and confusion? If the latter, chances are the lawyer does not fully understand the legal problem, and you may be in for a long, expensive ride to nowhere.

At Wolff Mascaro, we invest in our clients from the outset by ensuring we understand the road ahead. That means knowing the law as well as the facts, examining issues from competing perspectives, anticipating obstacles and implications, and developing a roadmap to get us where our clients need to go.


Litigation is a tool for resolving disputes, but it is not the only tool. Sometimes a business problem warrants a business resolution. The resolution may involve trading goods or services, assigning rights, or finding value in other ways.

Similarly, in transactions, we draw upon our litigation experience to advise clients on the consequences of certain provisions and to negotiate effectively.

Since problems vary in size and shape, solutions vary as well; one size does not fit all. We look at problems from all angles to find and negotiate creative resolutions and optimize results for our clients.

We listen.
We understand.
We solve problems.
We are your counsel.